Mold Inspections

We inspect for mold using the latest equipment to gather air and surface samples.  All samples are sent to certified laboratories to be evaluated and all results are returned in writing  and given to customer.  In addition we use other tools and instruments to gather additional information regarding moisture, relative humidity, and temperatures in the home or office being tested. 

Indoor Air Quality Testing

We test for airborne chemicals (VOCs) and active growing mold (MVOCs) with a single sample(per 2000 Sq/Ft).  The results on the  chemical information is translated into categories of potential sources  As a result the customer is able to develop an action plan for improving the indoor air quality of home or office.  VOC testing is a cost effective tool for indoor air quality assessments.

Express Surface Testing

Using ATP testing technology surfaces are tested for bacteria, mold, and other contaminants. This is our lowest cost base testing and results are given immediately at the time of testing.  Some customers use this option to save money by getting insight on whether they may need additional testing done.

Water Screening

Sanitization Plans

As a CBA (certified biocide applicator) we can develop a sanitization plan with the customer if need be.

Formaldehyde Testing

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